Zoé’s First Ride

Today, or more likely a couple of weeks ago, we had our first ride with Zoé. Ever !

Considering the reputation of our nice looking Clio sized car, we wanted to get rid of a first biais on EV: They are built for cities.

That is wrong ! You can do a lot with an EV.

If you are not in a hurry and don’t have to take the highway all along, you can easily overcome the 250 Km on a signle charge. We did it several times since that first ride.


This first ride, brought us from Gland to Bière, in the bottom of the Jura Vaudois, then Geneva. Ride back to Begnins and eventually home in Gland.

In total that is a hundred kilometers with a mix of “route cantonale”, highway and city. Amongst which about 60 Km on the highway. Frankly, we could have been twice the distance.

Even more as we actually stopped in Geneva for a couple of hours and took the time of our meeting with Scan Park to charge a bit.

Regarding the pictures we wanted to have them nice and beautiful so we only stopped once for picture time. It was at the end of the day in Begnins.

Isn’t our region beautiful ?

Intermediairy charge in Geneva

Driving an EV is not like driving a thermal car.

Zoé's first ride - pictures from an add from Geneva parking foundations

In French: Are you tuned in ? 134 charging points for Electrical Cars in 18 parkings in Geneva. Free Charge.

The charging of your battery become something that you always consider when parking somewhere.

We had to go for a meeting in Geneva and preferred to park in the underground parking. Conveniently enough there are charging points.

On the first floor, there where already 2 cars using the type of plug we needed. We only had to go one floor below to find another two spots free.

We could see 2 spots on each floor with decent plug type and 2 more with normal swiss plugs.

Even if, you have to pay for your parking, the charging is free. As the parking in ths part of town is far from free. It doesn’t change anything.

That same good news is true in almost all the indoor parking of Geneva. 18 of them are equipped with 3,7 Kwh charging stations. Not really the one for your Swiss rally in 5 hours but still convenient for a couple of hours.

Remender your thermal car ? Can you imagine the city filling your tank while you are parked ?

And did I mention it’s free?

As we are talking about parking, we will also talk about Scan-Park in another blog-post.


This was our first ride with Zoé  and the next one will be even longer and more frequent. For this first ride, we wanted to confront our own habits and “préjugés”. The little Zoé does match our expectation, the battery is more than enough for those rides and it is getting really convenient to charge in Geneva.

Based on the remaining battery available, we could have not charge in Geneva but it would be a shame not to use it.

Voila !

As mentioned, we will try to do longer trips now and I bet the next one will bring us to France, for something like a 200 km weekend.

Stay tuned !

(Yes, I am reusing the Geneva parking foundation joke).

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