How many new charging stations in 2018 ?

The aim of this article is to have a quick update on the new charging stations ine Switzerland in the first half of 2018.

When we built the website, we extracted the number of charging locations and stations available in Switzerland.
It has been almost 4 months now. How many EV stations have been installed since the beginning of the year ?

On February 22nd, according to chargemap website, the number of locations was 3000 and a total of 9000 plugs available.

As you will see below, there has been an important increase in 4 months !

Number of EV charging Stations in Switzerland

Indeed, at the end of june the number of location has almost reached 3300 . This is an increase of more than 9 % !
The number of plugs has followed the same trend reaching an impressive 9694.

What happens in the 2 biggests networks in Suisse Romande, EV Pass and Move. Have they
followed the trend ?


We gathered the information from EVPass news page. According to this source, they have equiped 35 new locations with usually 2 stations each, hence, 4 plugs.

Are you still there ?

All those locations are equiped with standart Greenmotion stations. All of them have are equipped with 2 plugs a 7KW/h and a 22KW/h.

They did a great job since the begining of the year. We would like to higlight specifically 2 zones.

First zone is la cote.

Rolle has joined EV Pass network with a first location on the lake-front parking. It is a great location to go eat, pizza and a stroll on the waterfront.

Meanwhile, Nyon continues its effort with 2 extra locations each with 2 stations. One in the Bel Air parking in the city center. The second one is at a well know fast food chain close to the highway. The fast food chain, starting with an « M », has installed some more in Switzerland.

With those 2 additional locations Nyon is almost as covered as the city center of Lausanne for stations.

Well, we said almost didn’t we ?

It is nice to see such a city with a great coverage. You can now charge your car in every potential parking area in Nyon, from the city center to the lake, all the way to the highway.

Second area of interest for GreenMotion seems to be the Alps of Vaud around les Diablerets.

In this mountaineous area, they have added 2 more location.
One additional in Ormont Dessus, at the parking of the centre des congrès. This is the second one in the village.

On the other side of the mountain in Gryon, you will also find an additional stations. This is the 3rd location in the zone with the existing 2 in Villars sur Ollons, one EVPass and one private.

You can now go from Nyon to les Diablerets with absolutely no charging issue.

Isn’t it neat to go skiing or hiking and preserving the environment in the same time?

But, don’t leave now, there is some trafic jams.

De Nyon aux Diablerets en Zoé

While you are there, we advise you to go up through the Col des Mosses and then down to Chateaux d’Oex. It is a wonderful small mountain road and town.

To EVPass credit, let’s not forget the other locations in Suisse Romande, such as Echandens, Epalinges, Cheseaux, Chatel Saint-Denis, Sion, Martigny… Out of the 35 new installations 19 are in the french speaking part of Switzerland.

Good job Greenmotion !


We recceived a list from Move. It starts in January and contains 48 new locations. Out of the 1600 spots it is less than the average of the market growth but a good absolute number.

Within the 48 locations, 4 are equipped with high speed stations, from Swiss Manufacturer ABB, and the rest are providing at least one 22KW/h plugs.

For the geographical repartition. Bern is making an impresive effort with not less than 9 new spots.

In Suisse Romande, it is Geneva which is leading the pack with 5 additional locations including one « fast charging » at the Airport.

Move is well set up in the Fribourg and Gruyere Area. In this region the vast majority of stations are connected to their network.

They tend to confirm this trend with 3 extra locations. Two in Bulle, and one in Broc. This second one is in front of the Maison Caillier in the employees’ parking and is available for visitors as well.

By the way this is a great visit to do once you come down from les Diablerets.


It looks like with about 300 additional locations to charge in Switzerland including 83 for  the 2 main networks there is an excellent tendency for electrical drivers.

We are not going to complain and we will continue to support and comment the effort the 2 main networks.

Stay tuned !

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