Why Electric Cars ?

Because on top of being a better deal for the environment they also provide an incredibly comfortable ride.

They  are really quiet for both you and your neighbours, they provide an excellent acceleration for the weight and a completely different driving experience that convince most if not all drivers that tries them.

they are made to make you enjoy your drive and you can charge them directly from home, your shopping mall or a public parking while you are visiting the town.

Our Cars : Renault Zoé

Because they are for us the best ratio between price, range and comfort so far.

And they are cute :

Renault Zoé

They can offer a range of 300 Km but more realisticly you’ll reach about 200 to 250 Km.

4 seats

GPS with most charging stations, Winter Tyres,

We also provide with child seats upon requests and you get your first recharge for free !

You need a longer drive or a need for a bigger car, we can also arrange a Model S renting with our partners from www.tesla4all.com, just ask us !

Charging Network

You probably won’t have a charging station at home or on your destination. We will help you in locating and using the public network of stations in Switzerland and neighbouring France.

Is there enough charging stations ?

Yes. Switzerland is one of the most concentrated country in Europe in term of charging stations.

There is about 3000 zone of charges and  9000 plugs in Switerland*. Those numbers just keep increasing.

*Source : Chargemap.com

Where to recharge ?

All our cars include a GPS and are charging stations are pre-registered for your comfort. We also provide  an access to Chargemap, the most inclusive community of Electric drivers and most detailled map for charging stations.

We highly advise that you download their app before hand. We will provide you with our guest account.

There is 2 types of stations :

Private : they usually belong to companies, hotel or institutions their use is mostly “free” but you have to be client of the institions linked to it.

Public: in most public parkings you know find a couple of parking lots reserved for electric cars. More and more of those stations are part of networks such as EV Pass, or Move in Switzerland. They are sometimes free but the tendancy is more and more towards paying units.

How to recharge ?

Really Simple :

  • Park in front of the Plug
  • Open the Plug In lock with the key or the car button
  • Bip in the card to the RFID sensor on the station
  • Plug the cable from the station or the one included in your trunk

You are ready to go shopping or visit the city !

How much does it cost ?

We simple replicate the cost from the plug . Most public stations will charge a 0,45 CHF per KWh it means that the Zoe will be fully charged with less than 20CHF, cheap isn’t it ?

You still have question ?

You are afraid of the range of the car or just want help to plan your trip ?

Contact us through the Chat or thanks to our contact form !